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Change of Procedure for Insurance Verifications - News / General - Medical Billing Professionals Support Suite

Jul 23 2017

Change of Procedure for Insurance Verifications

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For providers who request insurance verifications, see below including an important change for procedures:

  • For our new Platinum Service providers, this is a reminder that the first 20 verifications done per billing month are free.  Any veriifications done in excess of 20 per billing month are billed at $4.95 per verification.
  • For our Premium and Premium Service providers, the fee is $9.95 per verification.


  • Immediately after requesting a verification, providers must log into the Support Suite and upload a PDF attachment of the front and back of the patient's insurance card.  
  • Make sure the scanned copy if a PDF file (not JPEG).  
  • Verifications cannot be done until the scanned PDF copy of the front and back of the card are uploaded.  
  • If your office currently does not obtain copies of insurance cards, you must imediately change your policies to ensure you have scanned copies of insurance cards for all patients.




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