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Jun 14 2021

Copay Type on Billing Form

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Copay Type on Billing Form

  On our billing form if a patient pays a copay a provider can select Cash, Check or Credit Card.

  There are times when your office may mistakenly select one of those fields.  As some have discovered, you cannot uncheck a if you selected one of those options you then must enter a copayment amount of $0.00.

  To help in situations like this, we have added an option for NONE as Copay Type.  You should only select this option if you mistakenly have selected one of the other options and the patient had NOT paid a copayment for that date.

  If a patient has not paid a copayment, you do NOT have to select None as the Copay Type UNLESS you have mistakenly selected Cash, Check or Credit Card.



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