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Apr 24 2024

EDI Enrollments for TherapyNotes Practices

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EDI Enrollments for TherapyNotes Practices

  This notice is for our TherapyNotes clients.  TherapyNotes did announce in their blog early this morning that EDI and ERA enrollments are now available from inside TherapyNotes.

  For many of our TherapyNotes clients we have already enrolled you for ERAs (Electronic Remittance Advice) to be sent by payers to ClaimMD.  Approval can take up to 30 days for some payers, but already many ERAs are coming into TherapyNotes from ClaimMD.

  However, we do have to enroll practices for EDI claims with some payers (such as Medicare and some Medicaid, BC BS and commercial payers). 

  PROVIDERS SHOULD NOT DO THE ENROLLMENTS YOURSELF.  We will be doing the enrollments....unless we need your assistance.  If we require you to do the online enrollment or we need information to assist us with completing the online enrollment, we will send you an email.

  We will be working on the online enrollments over the next few days and hope to have all EDI and ERA enrollments completed for our clients by this weekend.

  But providers should check their emails often to see if we require any additional information from you to assist us with the enrollments.


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