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Mar 24 2020

Free Telehealth Platform

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Free Telehealth Platform

  A number of providers have contacted us regarding the issues all offices are facing now during the coronavirus pandemic.  Many patients simply do not want to come to your office to be treated to avoid the risk of becoming infected with the virus.

  For many of our clients, telehealth is the best option.  This is especially true for behavioral health providers.  Even if you are scared of technology changes, we strongly encourage providers to check out  They offer 3 different levels of telehealth platform including a FREE service option.  For most providers the free option will serve your purpose, although the quality of the video is Low Definition Video.  If you want High Definition or Standard Video, you can upgrade to the Professional Edition for $35/month for individual providers.

  Keep your patient load busy by offering telehealth services to your patients.  For chiropractors and physical therapists, you still can offer some services via telehealth.

  Remember, when reporting billing to us, if you performed telehealth services make sure to let us know that the Place of Service code is 02.  You can do this on the billing log by entering 02 in parentheses after the CPT code.

EXAMPLE:  John Smith     3/24/2020     90834 (02).

     If all patients on a billing log were seen by telehealth, instead of the above you can indicate in the Additional Information section of the billing log that "All patients seen by telehealth."

     If you have any questions during these trying times, do not hesitate to contact me

Thanks and stay healthy!


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