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Oct 14 2018

New ICD10 Codes Effective October 1st

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New ICD10 Codes Effective October 1st 

A number of claims are rejecting that providers are submitting due to invalid ICD10 codes.

  As a reminder, as is the usual annual procedure, the ICD10 codes have been updated effective October 1st.  A number of codes that had been valid previously may now not be valid because they may be truncated codes (for example, M79.1 is no longer a valid code for billing as you must list complete diagnosis codes).

  For our Premium, PremiumPlus and Platinum Service providers, if claims reject due to an invalid ICD10 code, we will correct the code and resubmit.  No action is needed on your part EXCEPT you must review the report and ensure you no longer submit billing with the invalid ICD10 code.

  For our Medisoft Network Basic Service providers you must correct the ICD10 code on the claim and resubmit.



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