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Apr 28 2024

OfficeAlly for TherapyNotes Users

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OfficeAlly for TherapyNotes Users

  This notice is for the TherapyNotes users who chose to have us submit via the OfficeAlly clearinghouse during the Change Healthcare cyberattack.

  •   First, because everything is set up now for TherapyNotes with the ClaimMD clearinghouse, no more claims can be submitted externally via OfficeAlly, even if EDI approval has not yet been approved for a payer to submit to ClaimMD (approval takes 1-30 days).

  • Second, OfficeAlly has sent us invoices for the non-par fees providers are responsible for.  As a reminder, if 50% of more of your claims during a month are sent to non-par payers on the OfficeAlly Payer list, OfficeAlly charges $39.95 per month per Tax ID number.  We will be sending invoices for these OfficeAlly invoices to our clients during the next week.


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