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Old Forms Now Searchable AND Duplicate Patient Form Check - News / General - Medical Billing Professionals Support Suite

Jun 5 2021

Old Forms Now Searchable AND Duplicate Patient Form Check

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Old Forms Now Searchable

  For providers enrolled in the View and Search feature of our online forms, we have imported the old forms submitted under the old forms platform.

  Some dates may appear off on the forms as there was an issue with some (but very few) date fields on some forms...However, over 99.5% of the forms have accurate dates entered.

  Some practices that enrolled for the View and Search feature had changed their office name on the old forms after they logged in.  For the most part we have been able to match these forms to your current user account for the online forms, but some forms may be missing if you changed your office name and we could not match it up.


  • Some offices mistakenly submit patient forms more than once for the same patient.  Remember, if a patient changes insurance, you must submit a support ticket in the Support Suite and provide the following information:
    • New insurance payer name
    • New ID # and Group #
    • Effective Date of the new coverage
    • Insured Name and DOB, if not the patient
    • If an auto or work comp accident, you must also provide the payer's claim address, phone #, fax #, claim # and date of injury.
  • To prevent against duplicate patient submissions, if you attempt to submit a patient form for a patient for whom your office previously submitted a form the form will not go through.  Instead you will receive a big message at the top of the form that says
    • There was a problem with your submission.  Please review the fields below.
    • And below that you will see below the patient's name the message that reads:  A duplicate entry was found.
    • When you receive such a message, it is a reminder to you that that patient already exists in our database and you must instead submit a support ticket with the information mentioned above.



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