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Replying to Tickets in New Support Suite - News / General - Medical Billing Professionals Support Suite

Sep 27 2016

Replying to Tickets in New Support Suite

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When we reply to a ticket you have created in the new Support Suite OR when we have created a ticket for you, you will receive email notification to log in and reply to the ticket.

For example, if a patient's claim denied because coverage had terminated, you will receive notification to log in, view the ticket we created, and provide the info needed.

IF YOU DO NOT REPLY WITHIN 2 DAYS, you will receive a friendly email reminder to log in and reply.

IF YOU STILL HAVE NOT REPLIED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE ORIGINAL TICKET, you will receive a final warning via email to reply.

IMPORTANT:  In the email notifications sent after 2 days and after 7 days, the email notification will indicate you can reply to the email (see example at the bottom of this News item) BUT DO NOT REPLY VIA EMAIL AS THAT IS NOT SECURE AND NOT HIPAA COMPLIANT.  BE SURE TO LOG IN AND REPLY IN THE SUPPORT SUITE TO THE TICKET.

If you fail to reply within 7 days of the original ticket, the ticket will automatically close.




Dear Test User,

We haven't heard from you recently about this ticket.
If you still need help, simply reply to this email.
If you don't need any further help, please click the link below to let us know:


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