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Revenue Performance Advisor Update--March 22, 2024 - News / General - Medical Billing Professionals Support Suite

Mar 22 2024

Revenue Performance Advisor Update--March 22, 2024

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Revenue Performance Advisor Update--March 22, 2024

  This notice is the providers for whom we bill via Change Healthcare's Revenue Performance Advisor.  This is NOT for TherapyNotes users for whom we bill inside of TherapyNotes.

  I have just heard from my contact at Change Healthcare and unfortunately there is no real update.  Change is still testing the RPA Portal and now there is no estimated time frame for when RPA will be active again.  It could be one week, it could be two weeks, we just have no idea.

  So for those providers who opted for us to submit via Availity we will continue to do so.

  If your claims are on hold and you have not opted for us to submit via Availity, you can still opt in by completing the form at  Remember that some payers (mainly Medicare payers, but also some Medicaid and BC BS payers) will require enrollment that could take 2-3 weeks for approval.

  We are looking at the possibility of switching to a new clearinghouse, but that is a last resort.  If we switched then all of our clients would have to re-enroll for claims and also for ERA files which could cause a massive headache.  But it is something that we are exploring.  We do like Revenue Performance Advisor and think it is the best product for our clients so we are hopeful that a switch to another clearinghouse is not necessary.

Thanks to all for your patience and understanding.


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