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Revenue Performance Advisor Update March 29, 2024 - News / General - Medical Billing Professionals Support Suite

Mar 29 2024

Revenue Performance Advisor Update March 29, 2024

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Revenue Performance Advisor Update March 29, 2024

  For our clients for whom we submit via Revenue Performance Advisor, we do not have any positive news to share at this point.  A few days ago Optum indicated online that they were in the processing of converting RPA users to their IEDI Clearinghouse (which we have no interest in).

  But today we were told by my contact at Change Healthcare that there were issues for several practices that were moved over so that option stopped.  That leaves 3 options:  (1) Scrap RPA altogether; (2) Repair RPA; (3) Do a complete rewrite of RPA.

  It seems like Change is trying for option 2 at first...but that will take weeks.  RPA failed several security they must fix RPA and test it.  If they still cannot fix it, it will take months for them to rewrite the RPA platform.

  With that in mind, a number of practices have already switched over to our ClaimMD option.  We STRONGLY encourage providers to switch NOW!  Below is some important info about ClaimMD and your options:

No Portal Access:  With this option there is no additional fee for you and we can submit your claims via ClaimMD.  HOWEVER, you will not have access to view claims and EOBs in the platform like you could in Revenue Performance Advisor.

Portal Access:  If you want access to view claims, view EOBs and check eligibility, you will need to sign up for one of ClaimMDs plans.  Pricing can be found at:  If you sign up for the Unlimited Plan we provide a $20/month credit (reducing your fee to a net amount of $80/month).  If you choose the Small Volume or Basic, we provide a $10/month credit.

Availity Users:

  • If we are currently submitting your claims via Availity, we will be stopping that option in the next few weeks.  ClaimMD is a MUCH better product that Availity and provides practices much more reporting information.  We encourage providers to switch to ClaimMD now...Email me for info about the switch and what has to be done.

Want to Still Wait?

  • Yes, you can still hold your claims and wait for RPA.  But remember payers have timely filing rules.  The longer you wait to see if RPA comes back online the more claims you will have that deny for timely filing.


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