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Sending EOBs to MBPros for Posting - News / General - Medical Billing Professionals Support Suite

Mar 27 2024

Sending EOBs to MBPros for Posting

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Sending EOBs to MBPros for Posting

  A number of providers have asked us about posting of EOBs since we have not been able to retrieve ERAs from Change Healthcare for the past 5 months.  Because manual posting of EOBs takes SO much longer than posting ERAs and because manual posting is not as accurate, we have been holding off on manual posting of EOBs.

  However to help our clients, we are offering the option for you sending us copies of EOBs for us to post.  YOU MUST, THOUGH, FOLLOW THE BELOW GUIDELINES:

  • You can send a maximum of 5 EOBs per day.  If you send more than 5 EOBs in one day the entire ticket will be returned to you.

  • You must scan the EOBS to a PDF file. Do NOT scan to a JPEG or other image file.  You cannot use a phone or tablet to scan, but you must use a stand-alone scanner or multi function machine to scan all pages to a PDF file.

  • You must submit a ticket in the Support Suite and attach the PDF.  Do not send us a regular email.

  • Although you will be sending 5 EOBs per day, that does not mean we will be able to post them at once.  We expect it will take MANY months for us to post a backlog of EOBs.

    • For our TherapyNotes clients if time is of the essence with posting then you should post the EOBs yourself in TherapyNotes.  Otherwise, again expect that it will take many months for us to post the backlog of EOBs from the past 5 months.

  • See below for specific information for TherapyNotes clients AND for those clients where we were submitting via Revenue Performance Advisor Portal.

TherapyNotes Clients

  • Do NOT send us all EOBs you have received.  You only are to send us those EOBS that have not already been posted by us.

  • We have been able to retrieve some ERA files from portals like Availity, Optum Pay, Echo and Zelis and thus some ERAs have been posted.  That's why you must check TherapyNotes first prior to sending us payment.  If the payment has already been posted in TherapyNotes, do NOT send it to us.

  • If you have received payments from payers but do not have the corresponding EOB, you should go to the portal the payer uses to download the EOBs.  For example, many payers send EOBs to the Remittance Viewer in Availity.  It is your office's responsibility to locate EOBs in payer portals like this to send to us.

Revenue Performance Advisor Users

  • For our clients where we bill in Medisoft and submit to RPA, we have obtained some ERA files from Optum Pay, Echo and Zelis.

  • Therefore, prior to you sending us any EOBs send me an email asking for a list of payments we have posted.  I will then email you back a report of all payments we posted from February 1st to present.  You then will know which EOBs you should send to us.

Again remember to send no more than 5 EOBs per day, make sure you scan them using a scanner (not a phone or tablet) to a PDF file, and you must attach the scanned file to a ticket in the Support Suite.  And for TherapyNotes users remember that if time is of the essence you will want to post the past 5 weeks of EOBs yourself; otherwise, expect it will take months for us to post the backlog.

Thanks for your understanding.

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