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Slowness in Medisoft Network Connectivity - News / General - Medical Billing Professionals Support Suite

Feb 6 2017

Slowness in Medisoft Network Connectivity

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  For providers who access Medisoft on our network, you will experience slowness in first launching Medisoft.  Usually when you click on the Medisoft icon Medisoft launches in 45-60 seconds, but now it will take 4-5 minutes before you get to the Medisoft login screen.

     BE PATIENT!  You will get to the login screen, but it will take longer than usual.

     Our IT people have determined the problem relates to Comcast's modem/router.  Last weekend Comcast did pay a service call but claimed there was nothing wrong with the modem/router, but apparently there is.

     The good news is later this week we will be changing our Internet provider from Comcast to Verizon Fios.  With this change you will see better connectivity AND faster upload and download speeds.  This is part of the overall network redesign being deployed this month.

     In the meantime unfortunately you will have to be patient while waiting for Medisoft to load on our Network...and you may experience intermittent, brief outages due to the problem with the modem/router.

Thanks for your understanding,

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