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Survey Regarding Switching to Claim MD - News / General - Medical Billing Professionals Support Suite

Mar 25 2024

Survey Regarding Switching to Claim MD

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Survey Regarding Switching to Claim MD

  This notice is only for our clients for whom we have submitted via Revenue Performance Advisor.  This does NOT apply to the TherapyNotes users for whom we submit inside TherapyNotes.

  At this point we have no idea when (or if) Revenue Performance Advisor will come back online.  A Senior Sales Rep at Optum told me that RPA is undergoing testing.  However, that product is not on the timeline to become active within the next 3 weeks.  That does not mean that RPA won't be available within the next 3 weeks, but rather they do not know when it will be available.  In addition, I have heard rumors that even though RPA is undergoing testing that Optum will be moving RPA practices to another clearinghouse platform.
     With that in mind we have been looking at the ClaimMD clearinghouse which has excellent reviews and customer support.  HOWEVER, they do not offer the option of our billing service having a master account and providers then having access to the portal to view claims and EOBs (ERA files).

  They do have an option where providers can sign up for their own account for which we would have access...and then the provider could view their practice's claims and remits in the portal.

  If we switched to ClaimMD, providers then would have an option to not have access to the portal at all OR to sign up for a plan with ClaimMD so you can view your claims and remits (for ClaimMD pricing, visit:

  • For those practices that did select their own plan option so you can view your claims and EOBs in the ClaimMD portal, we would be offering a monthly $10 credit for practices that select the Small Volume option or $20 monthly credit for practices that select the Unlimited option.

To help us decide, we are asking all practices to email me and advise which of the below options you would prefer:

  1. Wait for Change Healthcare's Revenue Performance Advisor to come back online, even if it is weeks or longer.

  2. Go with ClaimMD but your office would not have access to the Provider Portal.

  3. Go with ClaimMD and your office would select a plan with ClaimMD, understanding that you would be responsible for paying the monthly fee to ClaimMD (less the monthly credit we would provide as indicated above).

Thanks to all for emailing me your choice of the above 3 options.


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