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TherapyNotes Update--March 20, 2024 - News / General - Medical Billing Professionals Support Suite

Mar 20 2024

TherapyNotes Update--March 20, 2024

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TherapyNotes Update--March 20, 2024

  TherapyNotes has posted an update on their blog which I will paste at the bottom of this notice.  A few things to consider:

  1. TherapyNotes has published the iEDI Payer List, separating the payers who require enrollment versus the payers that do not.  The list is at:

    1. I'm not sure the list is 100% accurate.  There are numerous Medicare Part Payers on the list not requiring enrollment but I know they do require enrollment (plus some Medicare payers are in both lists--such as Medicare of PA requiring enrollment but Medicare Part B Pennsylvania not requiring enrollment).  I am waiting for clarification.

    2. The notice does confirm what I was told last night.  Basically we will submit all claims for payers not requiring enrollment through TherapyNotes...and TherapyNotes will submit those claims through the end of this week.

    3. The only payers that we will be able to submit via OfficeAlly will be those payers that require enrollment.  The option to download claims for payers that doe not require enrollment will be taken away (plus there is no reason to submit via OfficeAlly for payers not requiring enrollment).

    4. It's good to see that they are working on a streamlined process for enrolling with the new clearinghouse (yet to be named!)...However, remember that we did have to enroll providers to submit via OfficeAlly or receive ERAs via OfficeAlly or Availity.  So when the new clearinghouse is live with TherapyNotes we will have to re-enroll you with some payers.

Here's their post from today:

"We are happy to report that our test claims sent yesterday through iEDI were successful! The claims appeared in the payer portal shortly after we sent them. Today we are expanding our testing to send many more claims for practices we are working with closely. Our goal is to be automatically sending all claims for payers that don't require enrollment by the end of this week! We are also enhancing our software to make this process entirely seamless for you, so it's clear which payers don't require manual effort.

For the payers we cannot submit electronically, you'll still see the button to do so manually, if you do not want to wait. There will not be a button to download claims for items we submitted. It will be really easy to identify the ones that need to be sent manually.

We are prioritizing the project to automate payer enrollments so that when we switch to the new clearinghouse, we can get you up and running quickly and we can get your claims out. Enrollment is usually a trivial process. We don't have a timeline to share yet, but it's now our top priority."


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