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Apr 13 2018

Update to Problem With Online Forms

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AS AN UPDATE TO THE PROBLEM WITH THE ONLINE FORMS:  The problem only affects users who log into the online forms system.  For our clients who do not subscribe to the View and Search Feature of the forms (and do not log in), there is no problem with submitting.

So, until the problem is resolved, for those clients who normally do log into the Online Forms, if you do not want to wait for the problem to be resolved, you CAN submit forms but do NOT log in first.  HOWEVER, this advice is being given with two important caveats:

  • You MUST print a PDF copy of the form on the Confirmation Page after you submit the form.
  • You will NOT be able to find the form when searching the forms later.  This is because only forms submitted under your login are able to be searched, not forms submitted by your practice without logging in.

AGAIN, providers may submit forms to us without logging in but you must print the PDF version of the form after submission and you will not be able to later search and view that form.




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