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Uploading Attachments to Tickets in New Support Suite - News / General - Medical Billing Professionals Support Suite

Sep 27 2016

Uploading Attachments to Tickets in New Support Suite

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For providers who upload billing or EOBs as attachments to tickets, the maximum size of the attachments in one ticket is 10MB.

This size is sufficient for most uploads.  However, some practices, when scanning EOBs, encountered errors in the old Support Suite due to the size of the files.

When scanning, providers should make sure they are NOT scanning in OCR (or searchable) mode.  When you scan in OCR mode, it SIGNIFICANTLY increases the size of your PDF file.

If you are not sure if your scanner has OCR capability or how to turn off OCR, feel free to contact me with the make and model number of your scanner and I will try to research the issue for you.

If you are NOT scanning in OCR mode and you have a very large file that would be more than 10MB, break the file up into a couple of smaller files.


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