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Apr 23 2022

Website Portal Access for Platinum Service Providers

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Website Portal Access for Platinum Service Providers

     This notice is for our Platinum Service providers only!!  More and more payers are requiring us to obtain claim information (and sometimes benefit information) via their online portals.  In addition, some payers are moving their online portals to the Availity clearinghouse and we must obtain the required information via Availity.

     Therefore, over the next few weeks we will be contacting each of our Platinum Service providers and advising if we need your assistance with accessing portals for various payers.

     With Availity, we have our own login...and our office has 4 separate users.  We will be requesting (1) that you have your own Availity account (if you don't have one, you will have to register) and then (2) that you tie each of our Availity user accounts into your account, which will allow us to access claim information for your claims for certain payers.

     With some payers, we can enroll for our own login, but may need personal information from you (such as a date of birth).  For other payers, only one login per practice is allowed and we may need your login and password if you already have an existing login.  And in cases where we must use your login, when you change your password for a site, you must immediately notify us of the updated password.

     It is imperative that you check your email often.  When we send an email asking for information regarding a portal, we ask that you promptly provide us the information requested OR that you register per instructions we provide.

     Again, the above is necessary to assist us with following up on claims for your practice with certain payers.  Note that if you do not follow instructions we send we may be unable to follow up on claims for that payer.

     Thanks for your understanding!!


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