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Answers To Your Questions About the Change Healthcare Outage - News / General - Medical Billing Professionals Support Suite

Mar 4 2024

Answers To Your Questions About the Change Healthcare Outage

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Answers to Your Questions About the Change Healthcare Outage

  This email is only for our clients NOT using TherapyNotes for billing!  If you are a TherapyNotes user where we normally submit billing inside of TherapyNotes this email does not apply.

Are payers waiving timely filing because of the Change outage?
NO!!  Because providers have alternate ways of submitting billing, insurance payers are not waiving timely filing.  For some payers the timely filing is as little as 90 days.  So if the Change outage lasts another month or two this may affect you.  Check with your payers to find out their timely filing requirements.

If I see that the Change outage is lasting longer than expected can I enroll for your Availity clearinghouse option later?

  Yes...HOWEVER, some payers require enrollment (all Medicares, many BC BS and Medicaid payers).  And approval is usually 2 weeks or longer.  So if you sign up in say a month we may not be able to submit claims to payers requiring enrollment for approximately 6 weeks.  For payers that do NOT require enrollment we can submit as soon as you sign up for the Availity clearinghouse option.

Will you be switching back to Change Healthcare once they are online again?
Yes...As soon as Change Healthcare and the Revenue Performance Advisor Portal are back online we will switch back to Change Healthcare.  Note that if you were enrolled for the Availity clearinghouse option we will have to re-enroll you for electronic claims with Change for payers requiring enrollment.

If we want to wait for claim submissions until the Change issue is resolved, should we hold off submitting billing to you?

  NO!  Please continue to submit billing as usual.  Do NOT hold your claims.  We will hold the claims in our software if you are not enrolled for the Availity claims option.  If you hold off submitting to us until Change and RPA are back online, we cannot guarantee that we can enter and submit your claims in a timely manner.

If we do want to go ahead with the Availity clearinghouse option, remind me what I have to do?

Complete the form at We then will send you the invoice for the one-time set-up fee. Once that has been paid we can then submit your billing via Availity

Are you posting insurance payments during this time?

No...Because Revenue Performance Advisor is down, we cannot retrieve ERA files from them for posting.  Once Change Healthcare and RPA are online again we can then download ERA files for posting. And for payers that normally do provide ERA files in RPA, we will not manually post payments from paper EOBs.  This is because once RPA is online and we download ERA files posting of those ERA files would result in duplicate payments being entered.  So to avoid possible errors we are waiting for Change Healthcare and RPA to be online again.


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