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May 14 2024

Change Healthcare, ClaimMD and Insurance Verifications

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Change Healthcare, ClaimMD and Insurance Verifications

  For our Platinum Service providers, one of my two main employees is out with a broken hand.  Thus, there will be a delay with any insurance verification requests for the next month or so.  We will be trying to return benefit results within 2-3 days (rather than by the usual next day).  If time is of the essence for you with a verification please ensure you verify yourself.

  For our non-TherapyNotes providers some have asked if we will return to Change Healthcare's Revenue Performance Advisor.  For those who don't know, Change Healthcare suffered a SECOND cyber security attack a few weeks ago.  Although Revenue Performance Advisor is back online, they have switched from the legacy Change Healthcare clearinghouse to the Optum Exchange clearinghouse.  There have been a lot of issues so far...especially with not all payers being available for claims...and with a limited list of payers available for ERAs.  So the short answer is no...we do not have plans to returning to Revenue Performance Advisor.

  As for ClaimMD, again for our non-TherapyNotes users, some have been contacting us with questions about how to use ClaimMD. 
  Remember per our previous notice that you should review the excellent Knowledge Base ClaimMD has.  Visit  Be sure to watch the training videos ClaimMD has posted...and if you still have questions you can contact ClaimMD from inside the portal for assistance by creating a ticket.  For those who chose the No Portal access we will be reinstating the $11.95 clearinghouse fee previously charged for Revenue Performance Advisor.  Thus, there is no net change for those who selected No Portal Access compared to your invoices when we were using Revenue Performance Advisor.

  And for those who chose No Portal Access, I strongly recommend that you reconsider and choose one of the ClaimMD plans:  Unlimited, Small Volume or Basic.  This way you can see all claims that were submitted, see if claims were accepted or rejected and see all ERA (Electronic EOBs) that come into the portal.  If you want to switch, let me know which plan you want.


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