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Apr 9 2024

ERA Enrollments for TherapyNotes Practices

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ERA Enrollments for TherapyNotes Practices

  For our TherapyNotes clients, TherapyNotes posted an update on their blog yesterday afternoon about ERA enrollments.

  • Integrated ERA enrollments inside of TherapyNotes will not be available until late Aprill.

  • However, they did indicate that practices could email them per their form email requesting that TherapyNotes manually enroll practices for ERAs.

    • WE HAVE ALREADY TAKEN CARE OF THE ABOVE FOR ALL PRACTICES.  Our clients should NOT email TherapyNotes directly requesting manual enrollment of ERAs.

    • Because of the large volume of practices TherapyNotes has it will take awhile for them to manually enroll all practices for ERAs.

Some providers have been wondering why they have been receiving ERA files in TherapyNotes if the connection to Change Healthcare is down...and no ERA enrollments have been done with the new clearinghouse, ClaimMD.

For those practices that chose to have claims submitted via OfficeAlly when the cybersecurity attack happened, we quickly enrolled these practices for us to receive ERA files either via OfficeAlly or Availity.  We have been downloading the ERA files from these clearinghouses, uploading them into TherapyNotes and posting the payments.


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