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Apr 7 2024

How to Learn ClaimMD

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How to Learn ClaimMD

     This memo is only for the former Revenue Performance Advisor practices that have switched to ClaimMD.  This is NOT for TherapyNotes users for whom we bill inside of TherapyNotes.

     First, a number of practices still have not responded to our memo from Wednesday, April 3rd about switching to ClaimMD.  You must respond to this memo to provide us you selection (No Portal Access...or if you want Portal Access, which ClaimMD plan you want--Unlimited, Small Volume or Basic).  For the practices that have not responded, I will send emails individually to these practices as a reminder to provider me your choice.  It's important that you read your emails and promptly advise of your selection.

  Second, providers have been asking how they can learn ClaimMD.  The best way is by going to their Knowledge Base at:  NOTE:  This does NOT apply to providers who chose No Portal Access.

You do not need to know about Manage Users, Settings, Provider Enrollment or Uploading/Creating Claims.  You will want to pay attention to manage Claims, View ERA, Reporting, Search and Eligibility.  In each section, ClaimMD has excellent tutorial videos that you should watch.

  Providers have asked if there is a way to search for a patient's particular claim and see if it has been paid.  The answer is YES.  Here's how:

  • Go to Search under Claim Menu

  • Enter as much Search Criteria as you want, but usually you can enter all or part of the patient's last name.

  • Click Search.

  • You will then see the results of the claims.

  • If the claim was paid under the Sent date for the claim you will see the details of who paid, the check number and the check amount.

  • Click the claim.

  • Then when the claim comes up at the bottom you will see Show History/Notes.

  • That will bring up the history of the claim similar to what was in History for a claim in RPA.

  • If the claim was paid you can click the EFT Check # to see just that one claim on an EOB you can print.  If you wanted to see the Full ERA you could click the Full ERA link that is listed.

ClaimMD has excellent support so if you have any questions you can click Support Tickets under Manage Account and click New Ticket. 


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