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Jun 6 2024

Magellan Behavioral Health Not Sending ERAs

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Magellan Behavioral Health Not Sending ERAs

  For all of our behavioral health clients--both TherapyNotes and non-TherapyNotes users--Magellan Behavioral Health formerly sent ERA files via Echo Health.  However, that has stopped...We are unsure if it is permanent (probably likely) or not, but Magellan is indicating that because of the Change Healthcare cyber security incident they are only sending paper checks and EOBs.

  Therefore, you MUST send us copies of all Magellan EOBs that you receive.  They have indicated that they have been mailing the EOBs to providers, but if you cannot locate your Magellan EOBs you can contact Magellan to send you a duplicate OR you can log into your Availity account and see if the Magellan EOBs are there.

  This has apparently been going on for 2-3 months (possibly since the Change Healthcare outage).  If your office is unsure of which Magellan EOBs to send to us let me know.  I can send you a report of open Magellan claims to assist you in locating the EOBs that we need so we can manually post the payments. 

  For our Platinum Service providers we will not be following up on open Magellan claims as we will be awaiting you sending us the copies of the EOBs.  We will only follow up on Magellan claims that deny in error on EOBs.


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