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Apr 29 2021

New Online Forms Are Active

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New Online Forms Are Active

  Our new online forms are active.  A few things about the new forms:

  • The new forms can be accessed from the links on our website OR by clicking the Login to Online Forms Button on our website.

  • If you arrive at our old forms site, you should NOT submit forms on the old site (the site is for the old site).  If you clicked a link and wound up at the old site, you may have to clear your cookies and reboot to access the new forms.

  • For those who are enrolled for the View and Search feature of the forms, we will be importing the old data into the new forms system.  However, we do not anticipate this will be active until mid-May.

  • If you attempt to access a patient form or billing log without first logging in, you will receive a pop-up notification in your browser asking if you are sure if you want to complete the form without logging in.  For those who forgot to log in, say No and then you can log in.

  • For the benefit of our providers who are doing telehealth, we have added a field at the top of the billing form asking if all visits on the form are for telehealth.  This is a required field!  If only some of the entries on the form are telehealth, say no and as per the past enter (02) in parentheses after the procedure codes for those patients you did see via telehealth.

  • We have added an email address field to the patient form.  HOWEVER, this field is only to be completed by our clients who are enrolled for BillFlash Electronic Patient Statements.  If your office is NOT enrolled for BillFlash but you enter an email address, we will ignore this entry and not enter the patient's email address in our Medisoft software.

  • For providers under the View and Search Feature of the Online Forms, if you provided us a new password to use during the past week you should now be using the new password.

  • Many of our providers who are enrolled for the View and Search Feature of the Online Forms has not yet provided me a new password per the notices we have sent during the past week.  For these providers we will be working the next few days to set you up with a password that meets the new criteria.  We will then both email you the password to use and also create a ticket in the Support Suite with the new password.If you have any questions, feel free to email me.



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