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Revenue Performance Advisor Update--April 5, 2024 - News / General - Medical Billing Professionals Support Suite

Apr 5 2024

Revenue Performance Advisor Update--April 5, 2024

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Revenue Performance Advisor Update--April 5, 2024

   This notice is for former users of Change Healthcare's Revenue Performance Advisor.  This notice does NOT pertain to TherapyNotes users for whom we bill inside of TherapyNotes.

  A number of providers contacted us today regarding notice they received that Revenue Performance Advisor was back online.  Per my memo from Wednesday, this is Phase A of Revenue Performance Advisor coming back online.  Specifically this is only for claim submissions.  Real time claim status, real time eligibility and Electronic Remittance Advice are not going to be reinstated by them for 3-4 weeks.

  Because of this lengthy time frame we decided to switch to ClaimMD.  However, if you previously accessed RPA, you can access it again to view old ERAs (prior to the cybersecurity attack) and prior claim status info.  We do not know how long we will keep our account open with RPA so you should obtain any info you need now.

  Some providers have asked if we will go back to RPA.  Our intention when we sent the memo on Wednesday and our intention today is for everything to be moved over to ClaimMD.  We are proceeding accordingly.

  HOWEVER, we also realize that some practices preferred RPA over ClaimMD.  So we will keep an open mind.  We will NOT though entertain returning to RPA for some practices until after Change Healthcare reinstates Electronic Remittance Advice.  In addition, when they do (in approximately 4 weeks) providers anyway would have to re-enroll for ERAs for all payers...which adds on another 2-4 weeks.

  In addition, some payers have dropped connectivity with Change Healthcare because of the attack.  So we would have to see their payer list prior to reconsidering our decision.

  So as of now everything will be through ClaimMD.  But in 4-6 weeks we may reconsider and offer dual clearinghouse options.  For those that like ClaimMD you could remain with ClaimMD.  For those who preferred RPA you could return.  Again....this is something we are considering...but providers should also understand that if they wanted to return to RPA there will be a monthly fee for access to RPA (not yet determined).

  Any questions, feel free to send me an email.


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