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Feb 22 2024

TherapyNotes and ERA Delivery

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TherapyNotes and ERA Delivery

  This is for our TherapyNotes clients.  Everyone who has logged into TherapyNotes has seen the notice TherapyNotes has issued about delays in claims, ERAs and Real Time Eligibility.  The reason for this is because of a cybersecurity attack on the clearinghouse, Change Healthcare.

  We can continue to submit claims; however, the claims are not being processed by Change until the cybersecurity issue has been resolved.  So you will only see in the history that the claim was submitted but you will not see in the history that the clearinghouse accepted or the payer accepted.

  And because of this issue, ERAs are not being sent by Change Healthcare to TherapyNotes.  THEREFORE WE ARE REQUESTING THAT OUR CLIENTS NOT SEND US COPIES OF PAPER EOBS YOU RECEIVE UNTIL THE MATTER HAS BEEN RESOLVED.  Once you know it has been resolved and ERAs are again coming into TherapyNotes, at that time you can review your paper EOBs and send us those EOBs that are necessary.  Remember, only send us copies of EOBS that do not appear under ERAs in TherapyNotes...and because of this you will have to wait until ERA delivery resumes.

  There is no estimated time when this matter can be resolved.  Once it is fixed we expect a large batch of ERA files to be sent for each of our TherapyNotes clients.  We will work promptly at posting but also know that all ERA files will not be able to posted at once.  We appreciate your understanding in knowing that it will take some time to post your ERA files once ERA delivery resumes.


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