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Jan 23 2022

Update on Medisoft Upgrade

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The Medisoft Network is still not available. Our reseller has looked into the issue and diagnosed the problem. Medisoft has a new registration system when installing their program. In the past you had 30 days to register your product. Now it looks at your Account number and Company name...Somehow they are indicating when we attempt to log in that a certain product code is needed...and it's incorrect. We have the product code for Medisoft Network Professional but because they are looking for a registration for some other product code it is not letting anyone log in.

Unfortunately Medisoft Support does not open until 7 AM tomorrow (not sure if that's East Coast time or not). Our reseller will address this with Medisoft first thing Monday morning.

Once the problem with registration has been fixed we will post a follow up notice.

Thanks for your understanding.


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